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Conquest of the Stars

Hello, welcome to Conquest of the Stars!

You are a starship captain with a brand new ship venturing forth into the vast galaxy looking to make your fortune. You will mine resources, battle dangerous pirates, build new equipment for your ship.

I have a very basic app engine up for testing using GoogleApps. You can see my progress so far here:

Some technical details for those of you who are interested

I'm using Google AppEngine to provide the web services.
All the pages are using HTML5 (or at least trying to).
Check your browser for HTML5 support:
If your browser doesn't pass the test (Internet Explorer prior to IE9), you can try installing the Google Chrome Frame on your current browser. This might enable you to use the features of this site from your current browser. There are still some issues with IE even with the Chrome Frame installed, so you may have to use Chrome or Firefox (both of which work fine).

Some resources I use:
Cool Text: Logo and Graphics Generator
There is a Wiki to document the game, but it's pretty much empty right now. As soon as I get more of the game built I'll start updating the wiki as well.


April 17th update.

  • Added star sector 3, has Class 11 to 15 planets/pirates/etc.
  • Changed all crafting to be sector specific; equipment you can purchase in one sector needs crafting components found in that sector for upgrades.
  • Switched entire game site over to https to support secure connections for using PayPal for premium features.
  • Crew member can get killed, especially in long fights where you take massive damage. Doctors and sickbay are now more useful.
  • Missile pods are now available. Pirates can drop much more powerful missile pods than the ones you can purchase.
  • PayPal integration phase 1 is working. You can purchase stuff, and my code actually recognizes it and gives you what you bought. Unfortunately it takes you to the PayPal site and doesn't return you to the game; still working on that annoying item.

April 1 update. You can hire crew members now (visit an industrial star, explore the system, and you may get a crew member listed as available to hire). You will also sell Ore at an industrial star when you visit.

March 3 update. Tons of internal rewrite, and reduced the number of tabs so you have one main tab for ship/cargo/crew/equipment. Makes it much easier to see what you want to see. Second tab is just for navigation (still need to work on that so it's not just an ugly hack). Third tab is still the starbase options, which are only available when you are at a starbase. I'm thinking about making this just another feature of the Explore System button. Then the starbase would be a popup that has the options to buy/sell at that starbase. still not really sure how I want that to look in the final product.

You can get blown up by pirates now! So watch out when you're exploring dangerous areas ...

Feb 12 update. Totally revamped the whole cargo, ore, salvage categories and created a unified cargo type. Now you just have one much simpler and easy to look at cargo bay that shows all your stuff. All of it is stackable, so you can haul around a crap-ton of stuff without running out of room. Movement works much cleaner now, burns fuel based on distance traveled. Some planets now have the ability to buy your salvage, sell you fuel and repair your ship.

Feb 6 update. I've rewritten the html templates and pulled a lot of stuff out of the server side. Added a bunch of javascript, using jquery and jqueryui. It's now using themes from jquery, so I should be able to get it so the user can select which theme they want the page displayed in. Added a quick ugly hack to allow movement for testing, hope to clean that up this week. Totally redid a lot of the internal workings on the server side, and managed to not break anything. It works much more like a modern ajax app than an old school crappy web page now.

Jan 31: update. There are 5 main processes that need to be in place for the basic game: Mining Resources, Hunting Pirates, Fabricating Items, Movement, and Ship Customization. The first two (mining & hunting) are minimally functional, and shouldn't take more that a couple of hours to flesh out. Fabrication I haven't quite decided how it will function, so I'm not sure how long it will take. Movement I can put in a real quick method just for testing in about an hour. Customization will take awhile, since it's the other item I'm not done deciding how it will function.

Jan 31: Got the basic format for the web page built; yeah it's ugly for now, but it works. The stubs for mining resources and hunting pirates are in place. Haven't finalized how I'm going to do the fabrication piece yet, so that stub is really sparse. The form submission is very old school right now, but I'll be replacing that with jquery as soon as I'm sure I know what all is needed.

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